What you need to know about us.

As the founder of Perspective Foto, Jessica Washburn enjoys connecting with innovative people in the industry. Currently, her most prominent goal is to continually create
inspiring images involving fashion, beauty and well ... people in general. Jessica has a strong desire to work with people who are not only comfortable with their respective talents, but who aren't afraid to be bold in what they do. A phrase you are likely to hear used on a photo shoot is, "Do you." By this statement, she means for people to be themselves.

"The candle is not here to illuminate itself." ~ Anonymous

While contemplating the company's mission, Jessica came across the preceeding quotation. She was immediately stirred by its profundity realizing this one, seemingly simple statement holds within it a powerful philosophy worth attuning to. Therefore, she likes to encourage the people with whom she works to excel in their fields and chooses not to hinder her associates in the abilities they have to offer. 


Jessica legitimately appreciates the creative input of all those involved with her shoots. And as such, truly enjoys the collaborative efforts it takes to end each shoot with the best possible imagery. As a result of the latter appreciation, there is a special section on her website listing all collaborators involved in her personal and professional projects who have provided quality service.

.: THE WORK :.

Jessica appreciates the work of Jim Fiscus, David LaChapelle, Raymond Meiyer and more. Although, she acknowledges the importance of evolving one's work and strives to push each image farther ... to look beyond the genre of photography for artistic sustenance. Inspired by innovation and invention, she pursues art in all areas of life.

.: THE LOVE :.
Jessica believes in the importance of spreading love and respect. She finds this is most effectively achieved by being well in all that you do ... and even that which you intend to do. Intent is a very powerful thing and therefore, is worth taking into consideration.

Best wishes to all and we thank you for visiting our page.


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